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Cronicas del AM Tour

Competicion en el pais de los Torros, tortillas y flamenco!!! xD asi empieza la noticia en snowbroader... pero siempre hace ilusion ver informacion de tu estacion local en paginas de ambito internacional. Y mas si hablan tan bien de la gente local!!!
Dejo el articulo de la noticia sacado de . Esta en ingles pero no creo q halla demasiados problemas con eso:

The stop in the country of Torreros, Tortillas and Flamenco, brought the Burton AM Tour 2007/08 to the SNOWzone Madrid. Many roads lead to Madrid, but not anyone to the end…
Despite the compact net of dead-end and one-way streets, an amazing crowd of enthusiastic kids found their way to the artifical snow palace. Altogether fourty boys and girls of seven European countries came to let off steam in the slopestyle park shaped with lots of love. Among other obstacles, an Up-and-Down-Rail, an A-Frame alias „San Fransisco Box“ and different jumps with barrels or huge cable roll, waited to be shredded by the young riders. The judges then had to rate their technical skills, individual style and the variety of trick combos performed by the jibbers.
Three Spanish youngbloods dominated the Junior Boys categorie (15-20 years). The local hero Juan Polanco (17) stood exceptionally out with his funky way of riding and his, in the world of the ultrabaggie dressed snowboarders not quite common tight pants.
But as Soren, our speaker used to say: „Less is more, more is less, less is less and more is more…Whatever…“ and at the end he was beaten by Regino Hernandez Martin (16), who sticked the best trick of the day with its very high and clean performed 540.
Madrid a lot of the participants attended their second or even third contest of the Burton AM Tour 2007/08. So did the eleven year old Slovene Tim-Kevin Ravnjak.
After he already had won the competition of the Kid Boys (8-14 years) in Landgraaf and got third in Castleford, on Saturday he placed first again. According to his results he clearly leads the overall ranking in his category.
The girls showed a lot of action too. The best among them was the 14 year old French Alicia Bonnaud, who competed in the category Kid Girls. In the category of the Junior Girls, the Polish Anna Podgorna (18) with home base in Innsbruck, won just before the Spanish Sara Berdayes Gonzales (17).
Now we allow the kids a break, pray for a phat portion of snow for Christmas and look forward to a big reunion in Bispingen on January 12th 2008.

Por ahora, la otra cronica que he encontrado es la de nevasport, de donde destacaria esto:
En la categoría masculina junior, destacó el joven de 17 años Juan Polanco, de nacionalidad española y local de Madrid SnowZone, quien hizo gala de un estilo muy particular que estuvo a punto de darle la victoria y proclamarle como héroe local. Sin embargo, fue el también español Regino Hernández, de 16 años, quien llevó a cabo la mejor demostración de la jornada ejecutando un impresionante 540.
El resto de la cronica en

Y como no en la pagina de trango: ya hay unas cuantas fotillos de su cosecha personal y con sombras q lo parten como nos enseño alli. Y dentro de poco pondra la cronica.

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